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We gather each Sunday at 9am for worship, followed by fellowship, adult Bible class, and children’s Sunday School.

What to expect:
Our time of worship is called the “Divine Service.” We believe that within this service God comes to serve us with His gifts. As we hear His Word preached, the absolution pronounced, and receive the body and blood of Jesus in the Lord’s Supper, God forgives us our sins and strengthens us in our relationship with Him and with one another. Having received from Him His gifts, we respond in prayer, praise, and thanksgiving.

This Divine Service follows the pattern of the historic liturgy, much of which can be traced back all the way to the time of the apostles.

We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper–or Holy Communion–every Sunday. Because the Bible tells us that–in addition to giving us Christ’s true body and blood–the Lord’s Supper is also a meal of confessional unity, guests who desire to receive the body and blood of our Lord are asked to please speak to Pastor before the service begins.