Trinity is a Christ-centered, cross-focused, catholic, orthodox, and liturgical congregation, holding fast to Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions. We are a community of believers that gathers regularly and often to be forgiven by Christ and formed as His people.

Located on the northern edge of the city of Leesville, Trinity is just 8 miles from Fort Polk’s north gate and 10 miles from the main gate. (Click here for directions.)

Each Sunday at 9am, the gifts of Christ are given in the Divine Service (followed by coffee and fellowship, youth Sunday School and adult Bible Class).

Each Wednesday at 6:30pm, Divine Service is celebrated anytime a Feast Day of the Church Year occurs during the week. If no Feast Day occurs, we pray together the service of Evening Prayer. (Before the service, at 5:30pm, we gather together around food and conversation. After the service, we study God’s Word together, usually from the catechism).